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Celebrities and charties…

Did anybody else read this piece in the New York Times?

The article is about Wyclef Jean, his presidential bid and his charity Yele Haiti. I think that this article highlights some of the issues associated with people (not just celebrities) starting charities to “help people” without having the necessary experience, skills and know how to undertake such a task (in Yele Haiti’s case even basic accounting practices seem to be missing).

Helping people, or as we like to call it “Development”  is not a simple or easy task. There are many reputable agencies in the international development sphere who have spent years attempting to perfect models of development that have been proven to work. These agencies are by no means perfect (see and are far from having unlocked the secret to creating utopia for the worlds poorest. What these agencies do have going for them is a proven track record in navigating and operating in volatile and tricky environment and delivering essential services to some of those who need it the most. And that my dear Wyclef is an achievement…


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